Sunday, 19 February 2017

New Music: Introducing - Emma Jensen

With its liquid gold synths and soft beats, Closer, the debut song from Norway’s Emma Jensen, sounds a tiny bit like Grimes on downers.

A hypnotic ode to wanting to hold on to someone who is drifting out of your relationship, this tune has a relatively sparse musical simplicity that in lesser hands could just float away to nothingness. Jensen does better than that though – it’s as if she is wiggling her musical finger at you beckoning you to be drawn in, then once you’re there she adds a surprising bluesy guitar riff just to prove that this isn’t just electropop balladry by numbers.

A soft sounding yet musically strong start from Jensen, it's probably not surprising that over the last week or so Closer has been picked up by quite a few new music blogs, Certainly it's my favourite song to come from Norway since we last heard from Aurora - and that's pretty decent company to keep. 

Emma Jensen plays by:Larm festival in Oslo this March.

Emma Jensen - Closer

Saturday, 18 February 2017

New Music: Lana Del Ray - Love

When it comes to end of decade best of lists, I’m afraid I won’t be taking any notice of yours in 2019 if it doesn’t contain Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Lana Del Rey’s Video Games.

Thankfully, whilst Video Games made Lana a star she’s managed to sustain herself with a series of records that have kept a consistency both in terms of quality and style whilst influencing many wannabee Lanas along the way.

Now, after a series of posters appeared in L.A last week, with their photos cropping up all over social media feeds, she returns with a song simply called Love (surely this should have been released on Valentine's day? Her label missed a trick there) and it’s a right old fan pleaser.

“Look at you kids, you know, you know you’re the coolest. The world is yours and you can’t refuse it. Seen so much you could get the blues, but that don’t mean that you should abuse it,” she coos in that effortless languid tone of hers. It's a song that deals with the mixed emotions and confusions of youthful love; not knowing where the ride is going to take you, but you’ve got to go on that journey anyway. “Doesn’t matter if I’m not enough, for the future or the things to come, ‘cause I’m young and in love.” 

It's romantic, dreamy and perfectly Lana. 

Lana Del Rey - Love

Friday, 17 February 2017

New Music: Pumarosa - Dragonfly

When I first featured Pumarosa on Breaking More Waves in 2015 (when the Puma and Rosa bits still had a gap in between them), I mentioned a track called Dragonfly. “A tune that wades in atmospherics, slowly drip feeding its meticulous indie sound in a way that suggests that Puma Rosa have been doing this for some time, which of course they have,” I wrote, referring to Ada, their previous guise. Now here we are in 2017 and what goes around comes around, because Dragonfly has been unleashed into the world again and although I’m relatively sure this is a new version of the song, it still ticks all the boxes that it did before.

Dragonfly is taken from Pumarosa’s forthcoming debut album which is called The Witch, a title which seems to perfectly capture the essence of their music – dark, spiritual, bleak and haunting. Other song titles on the record include Snake, Barefoot, Lions Den and of course Priestess, the brilliant debut single. The Witch will be released on the 19th May.

Pumarosa - Dragonfly

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Music: Ider - Face On

At the risk of Breaking More Waves just becoming a musical Xerox machine, constrained to pump out posts about acts of certain genres, here’s a brand new piece of electronic sounding pop from London’s Ider. You may remember them from an introducing post I ran last year

Listening to Face On I imagine that Megan and Lily, who make up this duo, would have been the two kids at school who always sat at the back of class, were far too hip to talk to the likes of you and me and were already sneaking their way into nightclubs by the time they were 16. However, irrespective of my imagination of their cool misspent youth, Face On is a very neat piece of electronic pop blessed with dark ominous sounding verses and an airy hooky chorus, that gets the Breaking More Waves seal of approval, whatever that is is? Maybe a cheesy double thumbs-up? 

Face On comes from Ider’s debut EP which is due on the 31st March and have signed to Aesop (SOHN, TALA etc.) for its release. The band have already sold out their debut headline show at Bermondsey Social Club on the 6th April and have a variety of festival dates announced including Live At Leeds and End of the Road. 

Ider - Face On